Beautiful and Bright Heart Sunset Beach Couples T-Shirt or Sweatshirt

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Airbrush Apparel

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This original design created by Airbrush Apparel was featured on Selena Gomez 'Rare' album. You heard that right- and ALL 3 T-Shirts she is seen wearing were ORIGINALLY Painted HERE! 


*Airbrush Apparel/Marc Inamorato has granted permission for Interscope Records to use S.G.'s custom airbrushed t-shirt for her album & marketing materials.   I, however, reserve the right for self promotion & have agreed to receive proper credit as the original artist hired to create this item for her, using my design as reference. 

**This item listing maintains it's original, historical, 'Bight Heart Sunset Beach' title, and is not sold as an exclusive, specific piece of artwork related to any public figure or entity for profit.  YOU, the customer, have every right to purchase ANY of our designs & personalize with any Name, Word, Phrase, or Date, as this has been our business model & livelihood for over 30 years,  considering the unique nature of airbrushing that no two shirts can ever be identical.

Our two additional pieces seen across social media ( so far ;) -

'So Sad Today':



Personalized couples heart with bright pink & turquoise beach scene colors... Add any date to remember this gift or celebrate an anniversary! Order online today. Available on T-shirts, sweatshirts & more.


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This item by default will be created as shown in the sample on the Front  of your shirt; You MUST  contact us after purchase or leave instructions at checkout if you wish to change colors, placement, etc., as well as the proper spelling  of the name (when applicable).